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#290750 - As the girls talked I took time to clean my butt, then Lyn did the same, Kerry at first didn't seem to catch on, but then made her excuses and cleaned her butt, the day was set for more anal fun, Kerry now standing in front of us, rubbing her clit with two fingers in her ass, soon made herself cum, Lyn slipped her fingers in Kerry's pussy and got her to cum again. I stopped at the sex shop and brought some more poppers, the guys in the shop had trouble not raping her where she stood, then held her arm while I walked her out the back to the glory holes, she saw guys standing in the gloom, as I took her in the middle booth with a hole in two walls, she asked what was going on, I put a finger though one hole and a cock appeared before us, my mouth took it in as she watched. I woke Sunday morning, my stiff cock being held by Lyn who was still asleep, while Kerry lay naked still covered in cum next to me, our bed sheets stuck to me as I moved to have a pee.

Read Oralsex Alive or Explosion 第一話 「序章」 - Original Nalgona Alive or Explosion 第一話 「序章」

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Sae nakata
Omg sexy
Kazunari takao
From the looks of the thumbnails i didn t know where this hentai was going lol
Tatsurou akiyama
Where can i buy those pjs for my girl