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#4400 - “I thought you’d be mad at me. I could feel something in my mind starting to shift… something filled my mind like the sound of broken glass… I felt like I was taking her… like I was stealing from her, not sharing a moment with her… My left arm wrapped itself around her body and I pulled her hands from the bed, forcing her up so I could press my body against hers as I made love to her… I held her body against me as I moved into and out of her. “No way in hell I’m letting her skip college, sir!” He laughed and clapped me on the shoulder again, “Sounds like a plan!” We got in line and the Kay’s insisted on paying for me, reminding me that I was there as their guest and that they were going to be picking up the tab while I was with them.

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Eirin yagokoro
Oh watching you always gets me excited love watching you rub yourself
Koujirou furuhashi
You both have great bodies wow
Kako takafuji
Such a lucky guy