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#148705 - Ayame wakes up after Merik touches her face again and she sees Rikimarue and Merik and says Hello masters , Rikimarue says What were you dreaming about? Ayame smiles and says I had two dreams where my adult Orc Son raped and impregnated me master . When Merik enters the room with her Orc Son Ayame is gone, he puts the Orc baby on the bed and searches the house for her but she's gone, he thinks to himself how can this be? With everything we put her through and the nightmares how could she not be broken? Ayame appears at Taimanin HQ wearing one of Rikimarues shirts, shorts and flip flops, she confronts Rikimarue in front of all the Taimanin he's training in hand to hand combat and exposes him as a traiter who is working with the demons and how he had her and other female Taimanin captured by demons.

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