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#376803 - I was then on the computer with him after the phone call with him and Carrie then said she was going to take a shower, so I was all alone talking to him. we got dressed vary fast and his friend came out of the bathroom but then it was time for me to leave so I came back about a week later and met him outside at 2:30 in the morning and we walked behind the garage and I undid his pants and got his cock wet and undid my pants and he then pushed me up ageist the fence and stuck it in me after a while , as he was screwing my ass I got so hot and my body was shaking and I had the biggest orgasm I had ever had in my life . we had continued this for months me comeing over at night and we fucking behind the garage and the last time I saw him he kissed me and I left never to here from him again I later found out he had gotten a girlfriend and moved away , I loved him and he knew I did from then on till now I have had a piece of my heart torn out of me by him and never have healed from it some

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