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#13394 - Dave spoke first and asked if i had a boyfriend and i said no not till im 18 my parents said i could get one then so i was going to wait, Dan asked if i had seen a penis before and i said i hadn’t so Dan asked if i wanted to see his i nodded and said yes, so Dan stood up and undid his shorts and told me to come closer so i walked over to him and he pulled his penis out of his pants and said this is called a cock or penis and many other names men usually call it a cock, i liked that word so i said “cock” both men laughed and i asked how big it was and Dan said 8 inches by 3inches Dave walked over and pulled his cock out and i looked at it and it was longer than Dan’s and i learnt his cock was 12 inches long and 6 inches wide they asked me if i wanted to touch their cocks and i nodded then reached and grabbed both cocks and started to stroke them while i was doing that Dave reached out and grabbed one of my tits and Dan grabbed the other one they were pinching my nipples through my dress

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Charlotte colde
Love it she so fine need to pull out and bust on that ass though
Tem no site
You guys are amazing love too see you everyday
Tsugumi higashijuujou
Why does she look so cute with a cock in her mouth
Alice liddell
Amyl is better than the poppers i get