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#302909 - I dressed quickly and headed for the door neither of us said anything, I bent to kiss her, I intended only a light kiss but it instantly turned into a deep passionate one, I broke away short of breath, I walked to the door, as I opened it I turned, See you tonight at about 6. I stroked her lower leg with a featherlite touch of my fingers, kissed her toes and slid further up the bed to caress her thighs I switched the butterfly onto it's lowest setting and started to kiss my way up her legs, I could here the humming as I got nearer her thighs, paying extra attention to the area of skin where the stockings ended, I eased her legs apart, kissing and licking the soft warm skin, I could detect the slight aroma of her love juice as I kissed higher up her thigh getting nearer and nearer to her vagina, I could see her outer lips, and I couldn't resist running the tip of my tongue over them, lightly touching them tracing the soft skin up until my nose touched the butterfly,

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Kazue nanpo
She may always sit on my face
Nyamo naamo
I love your hentais you are a super sexy girl
Amazing tits
True we love each other