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#352448 - about 2 hours later they came back,and by their looks I was sure they were drunk and high,they walked in throught the back door and as soon as they closed the door I turn the lights on,I pretended to be mad and yield at them,by the looks on their faces I knew I had them on my hands,I told my daughter to sat down and I turn to her friend asking her for her mom's phone number,I told her I was going to call her mom just to let her know I was about to call the police,right then she broke down,begging me not to,she said they had a few beers and smoked some grass and if her mom found out she would send her to juvenile datention,then I ask her why juvy,and she said because she was 14 just a year older than my daughter,then she said she would do anything for me if I didnt call her mom,by then I was hot and ready,I stood up next to her,unzip my pants and show her my cock,with my daughter sitting next to her I told her she knew what to do,and she did,she started sucking on my cock,slowly at

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Reimi sugimoto
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