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#208040 - Susan’s face was contorted into a look of disbelief, the pleasure flowing through her body like a wave, but this inexplicable energy was driving Susan over the edge; not having any idea what to do with herself, she began panting heavily, filling the room with a piercing scream, she threw her head back, opened her legs as wide as Lynette would allow and pushed her pelvis violently into Gabby’s face as she came hard, the vaginal muscles contracting around the heavy dildo, her juices trickling onto the floor as she came again, this time falling silent as her arm’s caved, no longer able to sustain the weight as her back fell roughly to the ground, her naked legs shaking and pushing a little further apart; they vibrated against Lynette’s naked cunt, the moisture warming the skin on her legs. As the pants fell to the floor into a heap, she stepped dexterously out of them, the Scavos pausing there for a moment before Lynette jumped onto him again and he fell back onto the bed. Then the sex

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