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#36677 - His sentence was cut short as celeste pressed one finger to his lips Celeste: No but's, now let me look after you, let me help you, let me protect you Jonah just stood there, how could he let the one he loved, the one he cared about so much protect him from an enemy that he didn't know anything about, an enemy that seemed impossible to stop Jonah: No, this is my fight, you can help me with alexis and the lycanthrope's but then you are going back to camp Celeste: And what about you, where are you going to go Jonah: I've been summoned, i have somewhere i need to go, an enemy i need to face, i can't run from my fears Celeste: No! you listen to me now jonah, you are coming back to camp right now, the lycanthropes can wait, alexis will be fine for a little while longer, you need aditi's help and you need it now Jonah: Never, i'll do this alone, i will face this fear Celeste: Jonah! listen to me now Jonah: No.

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