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#137147 - I hop and prance around in distress like a young girl that desperately needs to go “Pee”quite badly, but peeing will not resolve my nasty burning predicament ! I hear the door open and I am forced into the back of the Sheriffs car, still naked and duct taped, he asks me where I live? OMG! I am not sure what to say, afraid to tell him? Then says you better tell me, or I will dump you back at the park! The nettle itching and burning has become almost intolerable more than I can stand, as I finally blurt out the address, it is at least 4:00 am in the morning? As the car drives off, I am wondering in genital agony how this prom date and now this naked sinful abuse will end? My parents are gone, and will not be home for several days, there is an alley behind my house and my bedroom is at the back. Then stepped back and with no warning hit the chair hard right between my naked thighs and only inches from my dripping over sensitive pink little pussy splattering the wetness! This had my leg

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Mireille bouquet
This is what today guys are going instead of fucking her
Emeralda kasim
I love how much you focus on his head and use your lips