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#232172 - Conor. - Clean my cock bitch, it is cover by your blood –said Jerome. Then he insert his thumb on Amy´s ass and start to pull from it to fuck Amy, it was painful for her but now she begin to understand that she can´t do nothing and try to fulfill Fred´s desires - Aaaaahh, aaaahh, please don´t be rough my body is yours, but try to be nice with me, could you? –said Amy - Maybe if you begin to behave as my slave –said Fred - Yes, I will be your slave, I´m yours for anything you want –said Amy - Finally you accept it, I will enjoy this –said Fred Amy is beginning to surrender to Fred, his plan to submit his mother is working, she let to Fred fuck her pussy while he was forcing to Amy to move at his rhythm with his finger inside her ass until he cum.

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