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#397327 - “Hello Class”… Let hell unleash (About 45 minutes later) Finally he had quit speaking, and the bell had been ringing, now it was the longest pause, the last one, so I thought I could use the opportunity to flirt with the girls, seeing I had 45 minutes, I thought I’d start with Lisa, because she is the hottest, so I walked past the 8th grade hallway, than the 9th grade hallway, and finally I was in the 10th grade hallway, Lisa was there, alone and beautiful! She was wearing a tight and white T-Shirt with vertical stripes, revealing lots of cleavage, a couple of yoga pants, that really made her ass stand out, and a white pair of converse shoes. The Social Studies teacher was a good sight; she had just graduated from the teacher school, and she were 20-ish years old. Trembling with anticipation, I took a bottle of some kind of lube and squeezed out a decent amount into my hand.

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