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#164172 - Looking back on the time we shared, Nothing else in my life has compared, Ever since that day we walked down the aisle, We have walked together for many a mile, Joined together hand in hand, Part of some much larger plan, You have brought to my world such sheer delight, Making my time on earth so sunny and bright, I am so thankful for the time we spend, Time together I hope will never end, From the first time I saw your face, I knew you were my saving grace, Like a drowning man who’s been thrown a rope, You’ve provided me such unending hope, Casting my loneliness to the side, Never once breaking your stride, Like a gift from Heaven above, I’m so thankful for your love, A true love that will never fade, I’m thankful for the love we made, All the times we held each other tight, Making love with all our might, A special dance between the covers, That could only be done by true lovers, Thankful I have you to hug and hold, Thankful for the passion you let unfold, I

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