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#339771 - We grabbed our bikinis and walked fast to the room, she grabbed a towel, spread it over the bed and lay down over it, face down saying “come on loser, get to work right away” I smiled saying “yes sir, mam” I acted as I had no naughty intentions on mind just to get her in the mood, I started using my hands rubbing her shoulders and back, barely touching her ass, I got her back side partially dry. I smiled saying “do I have to go to the dining room for breakfast?” She smiled saying “of course not madam, you are the queen of this resort, whatever pleases you will be done regardless” I smiled saying “what is your name by the way?” She said “I am Alice” I said “Alice, for me, feeling as queen is being treated as a member of the family, making me feel at home, so first of all, if you stop calling me madam and use my name, Natalie, it would please me a lot” Without thinking or hesitating, she answered right away “Yes madam” we both looked each other in the eyes, laughed loud and she c

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