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#39645 - Foxx then ordered me to do just about the next worst thing when he told me to mount and fuck her!!! I shivered a little bit, nervous as heck, but my master had given me an order, so even though I was reluctant, I slipped inside of her and rammed her until she was cumming like a maniac!!! God, I was glad when it was over, and much to my surprise, as soon as his wife had gotten her gun, her husband exposed his not too large dick, and after a nod from Mr. Foxx slipped his hand inside my pants, and while kissing me deeply on the lips jerked me off!!! He’s just so darn sweet I just love him to death!!! Later that night when we went to bed, I put him gently into my mouth and used his big cock like a pacifier!!! What a trip!!! So long for now, Jamie!!! April 25 Dear Diary, Last week I had to do the unthinkable, I had to fuck a woman!!! I didn’t want to, but Mr.

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Sailor venus
I love this vid sexy asf
Tio plato
The hentai is good but the girl is spanish not italian