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#145118 - “Nope, because giving head is icky, but if I don’t do it she’ll probably dump me and find a new squeeze to lavish with expensive gifts,” she smirked, looking up at him coyly, “soooo, she gets her cock sucked, I get my girlfriend and mom doesn’t find out you’re a cross-dressing sissy slut. “I won’t do it…” he murmured, looking away from her for a split second, but she merely tittered out a soft laugh. She hadn’t been kidding, he knew precisely when she was cumming, but not just because of the sudden burst of thick hot seed filling his mouth, but that in her moment of euphoria she pressed her finger as deep as she could inside his hot tight ass, causing him to squeak as she worked the finger deep inside of him, twitching her hips up to cum as deep in his little mouth that she could without making him gag, loving the feel of wet heat of his mouth wrapped snugly around her cock, better than any pussy she thought.

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Quiero darle duro a ese culo