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#392178 - we both were stunned , , i was over her , i stepped out , and foolishly , exposed her pussy to him , she tried to cover it , and crossed her legs , and placed her hands on her boobs , she was naked in front of him , i was too , sagar said sorry , and said ” i just watched for a few minutes , why did u people stopped , ” just then , my gf replied ” he lost his erection ” , finally he took his eyes off my gf and looked at me , i was sitting naked stroking my dick which was now small and deflated , sagar smiled and said ” lost his erection , poor thing , feeling bad for Andrea , she is in a mood to have sex , ” i was feeling angry but also hot as he just insulted me , sagar asked Andrea ” what are u guys going to do now ” , Andrea replied ” ill just give him a blowjob and sleep ” , it was very insulting the way she said it , , sagar said ” ohh sad , if u don’t mind , looking at me , “can i just give Andrea some little pleasure , i mean on you can satisfy her tonight , so can i at least

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Tsubasa kazanari
She is really an amazingly beautiful woman
Relius clover
My dick jumped as soon as i heard that way by uzi