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#68802 - Ted was in shock just as Jenna had been when she first caught her eye's on the scene, now she is hot and horny, What the hell is he doing? Ted said softly to himself as he watched Steve's cock slip out of Jessica's pussy and he picked up the steel spit and started to slip the tip into Jessica's pussy, STEVE! Ted yelled and Steve turned to look at him, What the hell are you doing? Ted asked. Steve was stunned and slumped to the ground still staring into Jessica's eye's, with Jessica fully impaled Steve attached a smaller spit to the larger one and slid it painfully into Jessica's anus causing her to scream in more pain and then tied her ankles to the spit, SUE, SHE'S READY! he called to the kitchen and Susan came out with a large bowl of barbeque sauce and a paint brush, with Susan now tending to Jessica with sauce, Steve turned to Ted who was still mesmerized by Jessica's tear soaked eye's and the steel spit that was now thr

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