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#369479 - Knowing it was now or never, Doreen crouched over his body, gradually lowering herself toward his cock, once close she tried to reach between her legs as to guide the organ into herself, alas the size of her gut prevented such action, she could but rise and fall hoping his cock would find it’s mark, luckily it did just that on her sixth attempt, it slid straight up inside her with little exertion, thankfully for Doreen her pussy was at it natural dimension, although very worked up, her pussy had but moistened, slowly she started to rise and fall, the feeling was good. Doreen ran her thumb over the selected area knowing her pussy was beneath; the girl’s hand went down between herself and Paul, taking up where Doreen had left off; his cock now very rampant. She was surprised when she went through her first orgasm, never did she realise as to its consequence, her whole body seemed to be glowing, little shocks shot out in what seemed thousands of capillary veins from her pussy.

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Cryska barchenowa
Always was always will be
The angles are great i do love the view of your soles still would love to see a tickling footjob
Briefers rock
Those tits are amazing more of that please
Any lady wants to do this to me im game lol