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#384371 - This would be his fourth orgasm of the evening, but even still, he gave her a nice load of hot spunk! She seemed so grateful, but in this business, they always did! In eighteen hours it would all start over again, and the dancers would put on their show, and empty their nuts into the mouths of hot suburban babes! What a business!!! THE END. He quickly worked his way over to her table, where upon she slipped the c-note in his waist band, and then slipped off his g-string and let his big cock spring free of it's cloth prison. Bursting through the curtain to a hail of cheers from the audience, Rolando strutted around the stage, preening for the screaming women, while giving them show the show of a lifetime! By the time the song was over, he was down to just a tight g-string that did little to hide his massive genitalia and the women oooo'd and ah'd at the sight of the grape fruit size bulge stretching the thin piece of nylon! He jumped off the stage and began working

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