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#8890 - Using my right hand, starting at your knee, I gently and very softly move my finger tips up and down your legs, in circles and random patterns, from one leg to the other and back, then up over your stomach, around your belly button and over your ribs, up around your breasts, circling your areolas, and gently floating over your nipple tips, up your chest and collar bone from one side of your neck, around your ear, back down to the other side, onto your cheeks, tracing your beautiful lips, over your cute little nose, between your beautiful eyes onto your forehead and then opening my entire hand over your face, I lightly run my fingers down your face, over your eye lids, down your nose and over your lips again, and back down your neck onto your chest. While sucking on your breasts, your hands on the back of my head pulling me closer and tighter. As your first in my house starts to subside, I again grip your clit with my lips, placing my tongue firmly on top shaking my head back

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