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#415005 - “I want to suck you dry…” But then more licking and the dog was mounting me now…his dick fully exposed, stiff, red, wet…the little tip motioning to my hole…I decided it would be a regular fucking…anal would be another time and I could hardly wait but did…he was around my waist, his cock searching for my ‘spot,’ my mouth on Hubby’s cock…his balls tight…I almost bit him as the dog found me and was urgent and thrusting and I released my mouth’s hold…Hubby now petting me…my head back on the couch and dog stroking me…deep now…”What a cock,” I said…”Oh…do me dog,” I exclaimed as I lifted my body…his fur on my chest and his cock hair at my entrance…the rest of him impaling me…his balls pounding my pussy lips…dog, Hubby, I reached to open myself for the deepest insertion…we three were animals in heat and lust and thrust…I was breathless and panting and grunting…”Oh God,” I heard my lips say between breaths…then my whole body was shaking and cuming and the dog withdrew and licked me up some mor

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