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#168356 - Tipping an imaginary hat to Mark Bill moves into position “If you screamed for Aaron then i can just wait to hear what you do for me!” Without lube he thrust into her freshly abused ass, neither Mark nor Aaron cover her mouth so her screams reverberated through the room as her head fails side to side, Finally Mark covers her mouth “Jesus Melinda just relax and let Bill plow your ass,who knows maybe you’ll enjoy it!” Tears streaming down her face, soaking the padding under her. Leaning close to her ear “Like having a cock in your ass Melinda,cause it’s sure is turning me on seeing you butt fucked!” Taking her hand placing it on his harden cock “Why don’t you stroke it to keep it hard?” The pain in her ass made it hard for Melinda to concentrate enough to do anything but cry out loud, Only Bill’s hand prevented her from telling all of Apalachicola what was happening to her. No scream this time just sobbing and mewling from the once vibrant teen.

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Shinn asuka
She is hot geiler arsch hat sie