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#177985 - And we all started laughing. Kev then,upon hearing my orgasm Stops and pulls out of Rays ass, and without touching his visibly pulsating Cock, shoots 3 ropes of cum that fly over Rays back and hits me In the stomach,followed immediately by 2 more that land between Rays shoulders And finally the last 3 ropes land on his ass cheeks Ray sees Kevs cum trickle down on my belly and licks it off Kev slumps forward onto Ray and licks his own cum off Rays back I look toward the stairs where Kevs mom is And she has her head thrown back in the eruption Of her own orgasm, finger fucking herself faster than i thought possible She was angelic in that moment, her one free hand cupped one of her Sweet big tits as her fingers pinched her erect nipple I swear i could hear her fingers make sex sounds as She fingered her cunt to orgasm I didnt want her to be found out, so i spoke up And told Kev What are we gonna do for Ray, she did a wonderful job Servicing us, how about. Ray got up

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