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#250165 - Within a matter of hours stories were flying round the school like wild-fire, you can imagine the sort of thing – “I heard she likes it rough!” … “She’ll fuck ANYBODY her!” … “She smokes a couple of joints – then takes ALL the guys on at once - 5 or 6 at a time - I've heard!” The result of this surfeit of information was, of course, that none of Ellies’ friends would have anything to do with her when she returned, AND that every guy in the school now leered at her knowingly – waiting for THEIR chance to ‘bag’ this apparently easy-meat! I was in my garage cleaning my bike a few days after all of this, when Gemma waltzed in wearing a pair of sparkly patterned jeans and a halter top, and pulled the door down behind herself. and I THINK her clothes were undone .

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Soi fon
Ugh his dick is perfect
Those socks are to clean my immersion is ruined