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#337820 - How’s the porn I said, not as good as the real thing said Carol, with that she got up and announced ‘I am going to bed, are you all coming up as well?’ Steve looked at me and his wife, ‘come on said Nicky you have always lusted after Carol I am game if you are. Nicky sat on the sofa next to me while Steve and Carol my wife sat on the other sofa, Carol is into computers and face book etc, and so is Steve so they got the laptop out and were surfing the net on god knows what, Nicky said how about another drink, I had got some homemade sloe gin and vodka and poured us both a drink. I am going to need this tonight or do you think you boys can fill me up.

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Tsumugi inuzuka
This is gross they re not gonna shower first
Katri ukonniemi
So relatable