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#353718 - Bree then asked what else she planned on doing and Kate had replied “Oh, I’m not going to tell you, some things will be quite clear, some not, you are just going to have to be there yourself!” Bree had replied “I wouldn’t dare miss it” then Kate suggested with a smile that Bree bring Duke since Trojan and Duke were buddies and enjoyed playing with each other… Now it is a good thing I am a successful photojournalist and trained to interview people to get all the details and that Bree had such great recall, plus I also managed to convinced Kate to tell me in exchange for having me put all this in a journal that she may or may not share with the others, plus I would prepare another journal, with all actual identities removed so she could use some of the anonymous material in it for her reference medical and therapy journals she occasionally submitted to, as well as for use in her practice. PART 7 Bree told me that after Suzanne left she called Kate and related all the details

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