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#142359 - I looked at him and asked him why he did that he didnt say anthing he just looked at me when i tryed to get up he pulled me back down but this time he kisses me long and hard i didnt no what had gotten into him or me for that matter but i liked it for some odd reason. kevin sat me dow and sped my legs while scott continued to push is cock into my mouth as i sucked on scotts hard cock kevin teased my clit with his toung then stop but scott wouldnt take his cock from my mouth kevin stud up and sturcked his cock for a minute or two the shoved it into my wet pussy his thrust were more powerful the scotts and felt so much better i moan and moaned while trying not to chock on scotts cock, he filnaly pulled out kevin fliped me over and scott ramed his cock into my ass i screamed with enjoyment i was loveing this i was being fucked by my bestfriends but all along i was being used as a sex toy but i liked it. as he was kissing me the desire to rip off his and my clothing was getti

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Runescape the movie
Love you
Nice one i want that for me too
Yui kusanagi
That was great i just wish we saw her face after
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