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#356915 - Mary couldn't help still having visions of the beautiful lean body of Garry laying cooked steaming on banquet table as she was thinking maybe it would been better to have butchered the young boy at my home then portioned the various meat cuts from his body then labeled each meat item for the freezer for future special meals for myself and invited guests. As Garry walked down the main street looking into each shop window he came across a notice in the 7 eleven store, stopping he began reading the notice, wow he thought freeboard offered for helping in private school cooking class this was so perfect as he begun to dial the mobile number that was on display in the notice. God pity I'm not going be around to feast on you beautiful cooked flesh Garry but I hope that you, Mary and her students all enjoy me he told Garry How you want cook me Garry Ben asked Best spit roast you alive, guts and all was Garrys reply to Ben At that Garry slowly oiled every part of Ben's body including Ben'

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Kurumi hazuki
So this is what mark ingram does during the offseason
Koyomi araragi
Someone needs to get hold of the fucker who beat her up and nearly killed her brooke is a awesome girl and needs to be celebrated
Yako katsuragi
I would like to receive something like that
Jean kirschtein
Fuk me like this pleeeease