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#12571 - I begin with the flogger warming him up and I move one to the whip I take a test swing and then I begin the first strike is too his ass and I move up and down his back and legs he is moaning and groaning and I hear her cumming and I tell him that I know he wants to cum and he is shaking his head so I tell him that if he can take a few strokes of the cane I will let him cum and he begs me to cane him. I walk in and he smiles up at me and he says the boy reminds me of someone and I say that I heard that before. I look back at the doctor and he says that was fast and looks at Eric and I ask him what and he says that she maybe pregnant and I say if that it then it was fast it’s only been about 4 weeks since she lost her virginity although I know Eric has been fucking her daily and the doc says it only takes once.

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