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#97378 - later on that day my mom called me on my cell and told me we are having a welcome home dinner party for my brother and me and harvey was exspected to attend. harvey leaned over and wispered what the hell are you doing i wispered back acting out every loves the bads ones by the looks of it we ate are meal and i burped really loud and my mom breathed out loud to sign she was getting angry at me i spoke to one of the guess and said to him so what bitch you shagging now a days the guess was shocked and looked at me in a really bad way harvey turned to me and said are you quite finished so i said to him you dont like it you know a divorce is still an option then i got out of my seat and walked out slamming the door behind me driving home harvey tried to ring me but i dint answer because i was driving when i got to my apartment i got my suit case and packed a few clothes and reserved a flight for rome (italy) i called a taxi on my cell when it arrived i left harvey a note sayi

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Bicho feio dos infernos parece um diabo