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#328571 - we had the usual welcome to the school assembly, where the deputy head introduced her then she gave a long winded speech about her role in our education, anyway to cut a long story short. next she came right up to me and kissed me, not a peck, but a passionate, sexual kiss that lasted, she felt my titties, and i felt hers, her tongue, was large or so i thought. Honey said she had unlocked the gate to the back yard, and to come through and do the back lawn, when i was ready, i nodded a yes, and kept mowing, i waited till she turned around, then glanced over my shoulder, as she walked back into the house, her kimono, was very sheer, and all i could see was a tiny black t bar of a thong, i pushed the mower through the gate, and shut it, it locked automaticaly, her back yard was a lot bigger than ours, but a big swimming pool took up most of the central lawn so not much mowing, i had it done in no time.

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