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#227894 - The knot had just dropped out, as Jan told Steve to bring up her first horse, this got a round of applause and Wows from the new guys, this is what they wanted to see, the snorting sound of a horny horse broke the night air, as Jan moved ready for his cock, I held the poppers for her, she took heaps, as the horse stood over her now his cock growing bigger with every second. The flare on his cock was much bigger than the others, I helped Steve squash it to gain entry to Jan’s ass, and the tip began to push forward as Jan let out a loud scream, it was bigger than my fist and he wasn’t going to back off now. We could see Jan’s body extend as he shot her bowels full, Jan even gagged some, his cock was a good 18 inches up inside her and his cum was holding firm, then it had to happen, his cock shot out, at least a gallon of cum shot over us all, he snorted and reared up in delight.

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