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#56492 - Sascha: “Ohhh, FUCK, your pussy is tight!” Yvonne: “Fuck me, Sascha! You’re so much better than that bastard Rick! Bigger and better!” Sascha (fucking her hard, slamming her body with each thrust): “Yeah, you like my big Russian dick, huh, Yvonne! Better than those limp-dicked Nazis you let fuck you, HUH?” Yvonne (her voice rising as her orgasm approaches): “Ohhhhh, yesssss, yours is better! They MAKE me do it, Sascha!! Oh god, FUCK ME!!! I’M GONNA CUM!!!” Sasha pushes Yvonne’s top up, revealing her unfettered breasts, which are large and firm, as his cock continues to drive relentlessly into her.

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