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#394541 - On the following Saturday after waking my man up with a deep long blowjob and swallowing his load I asked about the sex shop and he agreed to take me, he normally agrees to anything after sex, and so in the late afternoon we set off for the 1 down the road. We went up near the back and I realised we were not alone but being so dim and so horny I didn’t care he sat next to the wall and straight away pulled out his cock, I got on my knees and took it in my mouth, he then whispered for me to kneel on the chairs instead and after readjusting went back to my hungry task as I was doing so I felt him tug up my t shirt and pull it off followed by my bra, he played with my nipples pulling them downward just the way I like it and then he pulled my jeans down over my arse and pushed a finger into my arse my bum spasmed around his finger and then he told me to take off my jeans as he wanted to fuck my holes hard and fast. I held on to my man as I calmed down and as 1 of the german fellas walke

Read Fleshlight Muttsuri kohai to seishun iinkai - Original Vietnam Muttsuri kohai to seishun iinkai

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