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#380367 - I told Dave to pull out, then got Franics to slide his cock in my butt, as both went right in, my orgasm got better, some of the new guys looked on, as my arse took them both, two solid cocks firmly fucking me hard. Once more we got into fucking and playing, at one time we had Francis lay down and Dave and myself sat on each of his fists, guys face fucked us and Francis while he played inside us both. I rode them for awhile, both happy for me to do the work, as others enjoyed my mouth, then grabbing one of thier fists I sat down, his fingers went in, and with one more push, he was in, a huge orgasm raced though my body as he worked away inside me.

Read Stepbrother Bokura no Ai wa Kyou mo Isogashii. - Original Curves Bokura no Ai wa Kyou mo Isogashii.

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Shiage hamazura
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