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#290088 - Both Angela and Jackie heartily agreed, and tried to give Meg the best view possible of their dripping slits. Not more than ten minutes ago these three woman had climaxed without even touching their vaginas, but now, they were not only touching them, they were fingering them like there was no tomorrow!!! Just before they blew, Meg pulled her mouth from Jackie's and whispered hoarsely, There is nothing like girl-girl sex!!! Angela was the first to groan, but she was quickly followed by her two masturbatory compatriots in deep hard orgasms! Jackie licked the sweet nectar off her fingers, kissing Meg one more time before she had to leave!!! On the way back to work, Jackie looked at Angela and said, Nice lunch, we have to do that again sometime! Angela laughed and replied, Yeah, and it's not too fattening either!!! THE END.

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