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#381008 - I hope you like this story guys, I'm not a native English speaker, so I might have committed some grammar mistakes and this is my first story, tell me in the comments what you think David awoke horrified as he saw cables around his body What the hell? Where am I? he said to himself He looked around and found out that he was in a big room with a lot of machines, he was also naked, full of sweat and the scent in the room was different from any other that he had smelled. No, please stop! Don't do this to me replied David with a sad face Too late boy, I can do with you whatever I want said Alex Suddenly a giant brown bush started growing in David's pubic area, he stared getting hairy everywhere except for his arms and face, Alex wanted him to keep his cute boy face David was thinking At least one day I'm going to die and all this hell that I'm about to live is going to disappear Alex suddenly said You were the only candidat

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You can tell he enjoyed it
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Racist parents
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So sexy i am so hard now thank you lena