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#64831 - I did this, settling my feet about three feet apart, and then waited, curious to see how she was going to tie me up. For just a moment, Ms Templeton slipped away, crossing to the only doorway into the gym to shut the bolts on the inside, and sending a thrill of hopeful lust running through me by commenting as she did so: ‘now we won’t have any interruptions!’ Resuming her place directly in front of me and keeping her gaze locked onto my face, Ms Templeton removed both her singlet top and her pleated skirt, and I gazed in adoration at the sexy and stylish lingerie set that was revealed – the lacy scarlet underwired uplift bra that I had already seen a good deal of, and the pair of matching tiny triangular thong panties which were secured with a thin spaghetti tie-string at each hip.

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