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#380236 - He turned me around I felt his cock on my ass, and back as he pushed me to my knees, I saw 2 more guy stroking there cocks, the first one walked over to me, I reached out for his cock and took hold of it, I pushed the foreskin back an took him in my mouth, he didn’t last long and emptied his balls in my mouth in a couple of minutes, the next guy took his place fucking my mouth until he pulled out and shot his load on my face and tits, as he moved I saw at least 8 more guys watching and stroking their cocks, I stood up and bent at the waist to suck a guy, I felt fingers on my pussy rubbing it, then spreading my pussy lips apart, then fingers in me, till I was wet, then I felt the head of a cock enter my cunt, he pumped and pumped his dick into me as I was sucking another guy, hands were groping me all over, when someone took my hand a said drink this, a cold beer was placed in my hand, I took a few big swallows till it was gone, I looked up to see it was my husband who gave it to me, he

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