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#302820 - i would describe my looks as average and i dress in jeans and a bright coloured polo shirt marie h she is 20 years old, i would guess she is 5'8, she has hazel colour eyes and dusty blonde shoulder length hair and she has the most inoscent face, you look at here and you would bet your right arm that she has done nothing wrong ever. in my mind i wanted to make a move and do something but i didnt want to ruin what i had with her, but she had placed her hand on my knee the movie finished and i drove over to my house and asked her do you want to come in for some tea or something she said you have your own house? yeah i got it a month back sure ill come in for a drink as i walked in i got marie seated and said ill be back im just gonna change my clothes as i walked into my room to get changed out of my work clothes as i was half naked marie walked in she said i need to talk to you i said sure whats up i sat down on my bed still in my boxers and m

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I love her face
Shingo kinjou
Because i m cut like that