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#150613 - Gasping at the contrasting sensations of her hot breath & cool tongue bathing my meat as it sank into her wet mouth, energising every nerve that stimulated an uncontrollable reflex in bringing my ass off the bed as I stretched out my hands to caress her glorious red hair, while her lips kissed their way down the length of my cock until they opened to take one of my balls into that icy fire & I cried out in sheer joy to feel her suck lovingly on each sac. I looked back down as I spread my legs wider & humped into her mouth which was working its magic more fully as she got into a deeper rhythm; leaning in to fill her mouth & work the rapidly melting ice over my cock. I threw my head back & groaned loudly as I felt the tip of her tongue wriggle into the slit, around the nob & follow the slippery trail as it slithered down my meat until her mouth had captured half the length in an insistent grip.

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