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#134151 - Merik says when we go back to Rikimarues house after your shower I'll let you have some bonding time with your Orc Son , Ayame says Thank you master and he opens a portal to Rikimarues house. A month has passed since Ayame was raped the first time by the horse demon and she hasn't gotten her period so she must be pregnant but between the horse demon, dog demons, Ou - Chan and the Orcs who knows wo the Father is, Ayame is happy that she's pregant again, she tells Merik and Rikimarue that she only exists to please demons and give birth to their children and that her Orc Son will have a half Brother or half Sister. Merik opens a portal to the pocket dimension and both he and Ayame step through, now in the pocket dimension Merik opens two portals and summons five Orcs and five dog demons, he closes both portals after all ten demons enter the pocket dimension and says Enjoy your gift and steps through the portal back to Rikimarues house and closes the portal.

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