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#28113 - “It’s ok Mark i have just been home and confronted your father about what has happened he is packing his things and leaving home and i am divorcing him” “Oh Mum im so sorry” “Mark it is not your fault” “I know mum but i was the one that found them” “Yes you did Mark and i am glad you did apparently that wasn’t the first time it happened i found out from your dad it had been going on for 6 weeks” “What are we going to do mum?” “Well once the Divorce is finalised we are selling the house and moving and Julie would you like to come with us?” “Yes i would love to go with you and Mark” A month later the divorce is finalised and the house has been sold during that time i have posted the photos of dad and Melissa on all over the internet showing everyone in the world the photos with the caption “Cheaters Paul Smith and Melissa Brown” 2 years later we have settled in Phoenix Arizona we have purchased a beautiful 2 storey house with a 3 car garage mum has started up a new business as a

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