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#75996 - The next day Jessica and Stacey woke up in the same bed having had a hot and steamy sex session most of the night, Stacey had said she wanted her last night on earth to be the best one she had ever had since she knew by the end of spit master class today she would have a steel pole though her and be roasting over an open fire for Jessica's dinner, her first dinner that she would spit and roast herself as a spit master in training. THE END. Jessica sat at the first table she could find with a spot open, while Stacey had to sit on the floor behind her like a dog, she could see many other girls in the room sitting on the floor with her, this made her feel a little better, after Jessica had eaten all the meat she could and tossed a few scraps to Stacey the first and only bell of the day rang telling everyone that spit master class was about to begin.

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