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#246543 - “I-I’m sorry,” he moaned, “I’ll try to do better next time. His head was spinning like a top! What was she trying to do to him?!? He was about to lose his mind when all at once she let her arms drop to her sides, allowing her incredible breasts to come into plain view! He was literally stunned into silence! If heaven was better than this he couldn’t have imagined it! Two cocoa colored mounds of flesh that were the epitome of perfection on earth! Massive in size, yet defying gravity as they sat high and proud on Kim’s chest! The nipples were darker, but hard and inviting, almost begging to be sucked! “I’m a little disappointed in you, Taggert,” she cooed while cupping the twin beauties in her small hands. “I think the proper grammer is “may I”,” she said sweetly.

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