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#370321 - Not able to take anymore, Stacy removed her fingers from her sister’s pussy and stood, ripping off her own clothes, Stacy stood before her sisters and mum naked before dropping to her knee’s between Steph’s legs, her lips kissed up the inside of Steph’s left thigh until she got closer to her pussy, the smell of her arousal filled Stacy’s nose as she breathed in before letting her tongue lick the outer lips of her moaning sister. “I can’t believe you and Lee are actually living together!” Stephanie said as she kissed her oldest sister, April, passionately, her tongue swirling with that of her sisters as her hands roamed April’s back and were pushed into her thick red hair. Stacy moaned and groaned into Steph’s pussy as the vibe was thrust hard and deep in to her own, Dawn kissing ass cheeks.

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