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#87182 - I thought we'd have some time in the spa I said weakly, Of course you can Sarah replied we're going to do some of the mother and daughter activities, we'll meet up in about an hour for a swim in the main pool? I spent the next hour relaxing in the saunas and hot tubs, after that I met with Sarah and Millie. When I arrived I saw Sarah waiting in the snack bar, I walked up to her and we kissed softly, as I turned to sit I heard; Jon!!! as Millie threw her arms around me, Hello there I replied I didn't realise you'd be here too Just our little surprise Sarah said, smiling. I laid back and enjoyed the sensation, I looked over to Millie and said Come and join in Millie smiled and walked over, as she stood over me, facing her mother I pulled her down so she was sat on my face.

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