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#52292 - I remember thinking after worth how close our friendship came very to the end. I didn't hesitate I run outside,and went to the side window their bedroom window, she was laying there in her bed,and she shook her head when she realize that I was there, suddenly her husband walk in, took the sheets off her and began to undress her, there was no passion, no romance, he wanted to fuck his wife and that was that, and her duty was to be there for him. I had played with self many times, but this time it was special it felt different, a sense of nervousness and at he same time shame accompanied by joy, when I did came it felt so great, my legs shivering with joy, and after reliving my load I realize that my distraction was so that she had spotted me, she look stray in to my eyes, with a sad expression of disappointment, but out respect for me( I guess) she laid over him covering herself with the sheets, slowly kissing him, as to not let him in,in what she just had seen, and for me it was

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