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#14643 - Mom gave me a nudge and said “Come on you three, get a shower and cleaned up, I’ll have tea done in ten minutes” I followed the girls into the bathroom and we showered together, as I washed their backs I asked what they thought about what mom had shown us, both my sister said they liked it after the pain had stopped and they asked what it felt like when I put my cock in mom’s vagina. After a few minutes her pussy opened a little and I could slip a finger into her slit, she opened her eyes and looked at me in surprise, “Do you want me to stop”? “No” As I continued fingering her the bathroom door opened and Louise came in asking what was keeping us, she stopped dead in her tracks seeing me on my knees and my hand between her sisters legs, she shouted “That’s not fare” I asked what wasn’t fare “What your doing” I smiled and told her to join us then and she too could have what Rachel was, she was naked and standing beside Rachel in the blink of an eye. I had for the last year fou

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